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Plogger 国外 php开源 相册/图片 不指定

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Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world. Plogger is your photos integrated into your website, a fully featured photo sharing package with an attractive and easy to use administrative interface that makes managing your galleries a breeze. Integrating our gallery software into your website is as easy as inserting three lines of PHP code. And did we mention the price? Absolutely Free. Plogger requires a server setup with at least MySQL v3.23, GD1.0, and PHP4. //

Full Feature List
Easy Install and Setup — Single step installation - no fussing with configuration files or server privileges (if allowed). Plogger contains a fully featured, secure administration system. Plogger can be used as a stand-alone gallery or be dropped into your current site with no more than three PHP statements. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.
Easy Gallery Creation — You can upload photos one at a time from the web based administrative tool or use an FTP connection to import your photos in groups. Plogger has two levels of organization, allowing you to organize your images efficiently and easily.
Liquid Galleries — Since Plogger is implemented using CSS and XHTML lists, Plogger galleries will adapt and expand into any parent container. This is ideal for websites with a non-static liquid layout.
Automatic Thumbnail Generation — Supports server side caching and high-quality true-color resampling. Thumbnails can be configured to be any size you choose from the options menu. Supports all major image formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF). //PHP开源代码
EXIF auto-extract — When you upload your photos into the Plogger system, EXIF data is automatically extracted from your file (if present) and added to the database. This allows users to view what settings you used to take a photo. The details are automatically hidden and users can choose if they want this information displayed.
XHTML W3C Compliant — Plogger outputs properly formatted, fully validated XHTML. This allows the user to configure the look of Plogger via the included style sheet. Your site will remain validated and accessible.
Mass Downloading — Viewers of your gallery can select and download several collections, albums, or pictures at a time. The photos are recursively collected and zipped into an archive before being sent to the viewer's browser.
User Feedback — Plogger allows you to turn comments on or off for any specified image. Comments are displayed publicly and add an element of community to your gallery.
Cruft Free URL's — Plogger now supports cruft-free URI ’s through the use of Apache’s mod_rewrite module. //OSPHP.COM.Cn开源
File System Based Organization — All images put into your gallery are automatically sorted into a neat /collection/album/ organization.
Selectable Thumbnails — You can now specify which image you want to be the representative thumbnails of your collections and albums. If you have no preference, Plogger will continue to automatically choose thumbnails for you.
Improved Importing — You can upload pictures into the /uploads/ directory using individual folders filled with image. You can work with each folder seperately or all images at once through the new and improved import interface. The import feature also determines new album names based on your folder structure and naming.
RSS support — Each level of organization can now generate it’s own RSS feed. You can subscribe to feeds for a single album, collection, or the entire gallery. Additionally, you can subscribe to a custom set of search terms to keep you updated on your chosen keywords.
Remote Access — You can now remotely update your gallery from any piece of software that supports the Gallery Protocol.


Integrated JavaScript Slideshow — Any of your albums can be instantly viewed as a hands-free JavaScript slideshow.
International Character Code Support — Plogger now uses UTF-8 for international usage.
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  • 中查看更多“Plogger 国外 php开源 相册/图片”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“Plogger 国外 php开源 相册/图片”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“Plogger 国外 php开源 相册/图片”相关内容

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