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SPIP cms 国外PHPCMS 支持中文 不指定

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SPIP is a publishing system developed by the minirézo to manage the site uZine. We provide it to anyone as a free software under GPL license. Therefore, you can use it freely for your own site, be it personnal, co-operative, institutional or commercial.

This site contains the official documentation. In addition you will find links to mailing lists and sites where Spip users provide help to one another.

SPIP, a publishing system //开源代码OSPHP.COM.Cn
SPIP is a publishing system for the Internet.
Come again? It consists of a bundle of files, installed in your web account and allowing you to take advantage of a number of automated tasks: multi-user management, laying out your articles without the need to use HTML, easily modifying the structure of your site… From the very same application used to browse a site (Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera...), SPIP enables you to build and update a site, thanks to a very simple user interface.

There are other content management systems; and each one has its own characteristics. One of the best known, at present, is phpNuke ; it imposes a rather rigid structure for the site in the shape of a portal containing short articles. SPIP, on the other hand, is more flexible and mainly orientated towards the creation of a magazine structured site: i.e. with sections, sub-sections (and so on), where you can insert articles and news items which could be completed with discussion forums.


SPIP is a free software distributed under the General Public License (GPL) . SPIP’s requirements in terms of software and hardware are very modest indeed and they are even provided by some free hosts (see the FAQ and the installation guide for more details – or to be extremely brief: PHP+MySQL).

SPIP is freely distributed on this site at: Downloading SPIP.

SPIP’s benefit consists in…

- managing a magazine type site, i.e. made up mainly of articles and news items inserted in an arborescence of sections nested in each others. See the complete list of SPIP’s features for more details.

- completely separating and distributing three kinds of tasks over various players: the graphic design, the site editorial input through the submission of articles and news items and the site editorial management (which includes organising sections, validating articles submission…).

- spare the webmaster and all the participants to the life of the site, a number of tedious aspects of web publishing as well as the need to learn lengthy technical skills. The installation of SPIP is performed step by step through a simple interface and when completed allows you to start creating your sections and articles straight away.

SPIP has the following features…

For the editor(s) and administrator(s)

- An intuitive web interface greatly facilitates articles and news items submission as well as the editorial management of the site. Furthermore, a number of typographical shortcuts allow the layout of text without the need to use HTML tags, which puts the editing contribution at the reach of everyone being as simple as composing an e-mail message.

For the webmaster

- The graphical side and the navigation in the site are defined by HTML layout templates (or "master pages") each of which defining a "view" (for instance: a view of the index page, another showing a section and a brief summary of its content, a third one for the details of an article, a fourth for the details of a news item). The way the editorial content is inserted in those pages is defined by a number of HTML pseudo-tags which are relatively straightforward.

- SPIP does not limit the graphical and navigational possibilities of the site. The HTML templates are entirely defined by the webmaster. It is possible to control a number of elements of the site with SPIP and the remaining is managed manually or even with other publishing systems (providing these systems are as tolerant as SPIP, of course). //OSPHP.COM.Cn开源

For the visitors

- A cache system in the public area of the site speeds its browsing by avoiding a great number of database queries and safeguards against crushes of the said database (which are quite frequent on "overloaded" servers): in this case, the site remains available transparently even if the content modification is impossible (including forums contributions).

- A search and indexing engine integrated to SPIP, if it is enabled by the webmaster, allows search operations in the entire content of the public site.


For the time being, SPIP’s flexibility involves the necessity of a small amount of learning efforts by the webmaster to be able to modify the default layout of the templates. Unlike some rigid systems such as phpNuke where you can change the colours or the logo with a click of a button (but that is all you are allowed to do), the webmaster under SPIP has to learn a few rudimentary pseudo-HTML tags which allow him to do what he wants when he masters them.


SPIP is supplied with a complete navigational interface; as soon as you start to create some content for your site, it can be visited and displays the graphical interface supplied by default. It goes without saying that the webmaster can create his (her) own graphical interface if he (she) wishes so.

In the future, we plan to include several sets of layout templates in SPIP, making it easier for webmasters to re-use the most suitable one for them in order to minimise the customisation efforts.


The best (and historical) example of the use of SPIP is the e-zine uZine2 (it was initially the specific code of this site which was used to create the original SPIP). Amongst other sites running under SPIP, let us mention Le Monde Diplomatique in English and Vacarme .


In order to get deeper into SPIP, you are advised to read the documentation, the examples and the "first steps" proposed in this section . Mailing lists are also at your disposal to exchange enquiries and tips. Goodbye for now! //开源代码OSPHP.COM.Cn
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