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OXID eSales 国外开源PHP+MYSQL网店程序 不指定

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OXID eSales是一个开源的e-commerce系统,采用PHP开发,使用MySQL来存储数据。OXID eSales拥有一个模块化和基于标准的架构,从而使它更便于定制。该系统拥有所有e-commerce系统应具备的功能包括:B2C、B2B。强大的一体化市场营销。集成内容管理系统(CMS)。搜索引擎优化的友好网址。

OXID eShop Community Edition is a proven and flexible open source software. Thousands of online businesses worldwide use its extensive functionality to create optimum eCommerce solutions. With its modular, state-of-the-art and standards-based architecture, customization is easy. //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN

The Community Edition is licensed as free and open source software under GNU GPLv3, while the Professional Edition uses a more permissive commercial license, supports our ERP/SOAP interface and comes with warranty and support plans. Apart from that, the Community Edition has exactly the same feature set
and is available for unlimited use. This is so-called "dual licensing".
Main characteristics of OXID eShop Community Edition (GPLv3) are:

Outstanding functionality for state of the art B2C, B2B and social commerce scenarios
Sophisticated, server resource-friendly performance
Easy Installation, short time to market
Search-engine optimization based on latest technological standards
Optimized usability and consumer shopping-experience
Powerful marketing integration
Easy management through efficient admin tool
Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
Extensive possibilities for functional and visual adjustments
Clean, consistent and well-documented developer-friendly source-code

Modular, object-oriented architecture for easy extensi- and customizability
High quality and robustness of the software due to our agile development process with unit-testing
Fully upgradeable to OXID eShop PE and EE without loosing data

With our Open Source approach we want to invite you to build an “architecture of participation” together with us. You are invited to realize state of the art eCommerce projects for yourself or for your customers. Translations of the admin and user-interfaces are also highly welcome as your creativity in creating new templates and themes that can be shared in the community worldwide. Modules and extensions can help others to enhance functionality or to connect to other systems and services, like payment providers or ERP-software. You will be able to upload and spread modules, translations and themes by our website.

Support for OXID eShop CE will be provided by the community. The best place for that is our forum. Here you can meet and discuss with other developers and of course also with people from OXID who will help you to find the best ways realizing successful projects or extensions. Additionally , if you register to our community-newsletter we will keep you informed what happens all-arround in the OXID world . //OSPHP.com.CN

If you eventually come to a business-critical point in your eCommerce project, where you need immediate help or assistance, we are able to offer you our professional support-subscriptions with guaranteed response times or our professional service packages that help you with the first steps with OXID eShop from installation to optimal configuration. Of course we also can show you a seamless migration path to OXID eShop Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Join us and let’s eCommerce together!
OXID eShop Community Edition
Free Download!
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  • 中查看更多“OXID eSales 国外开源PHP+MYSQL网店程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“OXID eSales 国外开源PHP+MYSQL网店程序”相关内容
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