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FuzzyLime(cms) 国外开源 php+mysql cms 不指定

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Fuzzylime 有两个项目,一个是CMS,一个是论坛,目前,CMS还是文本的,稍后会推出MYSQL版本,论坛是PHP+MYSQL,两个项目都使用了大量的AJAX。CMS自带了文章,博客,相册,留言本,投票等等模块,功能相当齐全,支持多国语言和自定义模板,目前没有没有中文版本。论坛就很有特色了,演示,同样使用了大量AJAX。

Fuzzylime (cms) is the easiest way for you to run your site and keep it up-to-date. Once installed, you can update from any internet-connected PC in the world – you don’t even need to know HTML! It has tons of features so whatever you want from your site, chances are this script will be able to do it for you.Fuzzylime (cms) was known as PHP-Update from v1.0 to v2.7. During this time, the script was featured in two UK-based internet magazines – as the .net reader’s site of the month, and on the cover CD of Practical Web Projects. This magazine also featured an interview and a set-up guide for a basic installation of the script.

Among the features of the script are support for as many content pages as you want; blogs, which can have files attached to turn them into podcasts, or video clips easily embedded; multiple templates, as well as the ability to easily create your own look; guestbooks, galleries, mailing lists and polls. You can have as many users allowed to update your site as you wish; can offer up RSS feeds so users can subscribe to parts of your site; and the site even automatically maintains a WAP version so people can view your pages on the move via their phones. Give it a try today!

v3.0 released! Wow. That was a long slog. But hey, we’re here now! Folks, I’m delighted to announce that today the first version of fuzzylime (cms) has been released on an unsuspecting world. Frankly, when I started the project over a year ago now I didn’t think it would take quite this long. But I wanted to make sure, for once, that things actually worked right and the script was as fully featured and well-tested as I could manage before I launched it. So that’s where we are now. Well, almost. If you were a MySQL user of PHP-Update, or want to use the MySQL version of the new script, you’ll have to wait just a few weeks more. I haven’t quite finished off the port yet, despite my best efforts, but I’m determined to get it done soon. OK, so new features. Well, the script uses Ajax for things like comments, the gallery and also the admin area to make using it a much smoother experience. At long last, we have trackbacks in the blogs (something I’ve been promising since, I believe, v1.2!) and it’s really easy to manage them. The interface for multiple users has been improved to make it much clearer what you’re doing, and I’ve added fairly comprehensive anti-spam protection for comments, guestbooks and so on. You can also now manage podcasts with the script as the blog supports file attachments - and all the old features are still there too, and should be easier to use. If you want to upgrade your PHP-Update site to the new system, there’s an upgrade script included in the install package which will do pretty much everything automatically - just click a couple of buttons and wait a few minutes. But watch out - if you use a customised template, it probably won’t be auto-supported and you might need to change it a little bit (though it should be fairly simple… I’ve done a few templates already and they’re very easy to manage). Incidentally, if you want a forum on your site too, the new fuzzylime (forum) was launched today as well. It is, I believe, the first full forum of its kind - in that it barely even looks like a traditional forum, but has all the features you would expect, plus more, such as RSS, password-protected forums and so on. You can find it cunningly hidden at Thanks for all your continued support. I’m delighted we’ve finally got here and I’m really keen to hear what you all think of the script - either in the comments here, in the forum, or through e-mail. I’d love to hear from you all. This change does mean one more thing - the end of PHP-Update. It’s been a great project and of course it will cotinue in its new name. I’ll be able to offer limited support for it through the fuzzylime message board, but I really recommend upgrading your site. Also, the PHP-Update mailing list isn’t being moved across to the fuzzylime (cms) site. So if you want to get updates, enter your address in the box on the right!


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