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maxdev CMS 国外PHP开源CMS 不指定

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程序名称:maxdev CMS
Who is MaxDev?
MaxDev is an international community of professionals devoted to the development of high-quality Open Source software. MaxDev is comprised of developers, graphics designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, translators, teachers, writers, artists and many other professional figures.

The vision of the MaxDev community is to create a collaborative environment where we can produce and promote human, scientific and professional resources for use by the Internet community.  MaxDev strives to provide flexible, manageable and secure solutions in the areas of e-commerce, e-learning, virtual community management and beyond.


The MD-Pro Content Management System (CMS) is the first historical project of this collaboration.

What is MD-Pro?
MaxDev is proud to introduce MD-Pro, the most complete, flexible and reliable CMS available on the market.

A CMS is an application that provides for the display and management of the contents of a web site. MD-Pro carries this many steps farther by making this management simple yet powerful.  Your MD-Pro powered web site can be updated in seconds without any knowledge of programming or HTML.  MD-Pro can be configured to allow your site users to send news, comment on existing news, vote in polls, administer their own account via a simple graphical interface and much more.

Normally you must pay for technology this simple and powerful. CMSs available today, cost from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Thanks to the work of many Open Source development communities however, today there are a variety of no cost CMSs published under GNU/GPL. //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN

Open Source systems have gained popularity and matured to the point where they are used by many large companies and organizations around the world.  Some of the entities taking advantage of Open Source systems are:

Incyte Geonomica
Pixar Animation
Credit Suisse
New York Stock Exchange
PWL Euro-Subsidies (The Hague)
United States Army
European Commission
Mexico City
And many more...
MD-Pro provides an Open Source CMS "certified" and guaranteed by a highly qualified staff of developers.  MD-Pro has been developed to be more versatile and modular than competing CMSs..  It is comprised of a highly optimized core platform, to which you can add additional modules according to the needs of your site and users.  Not only are there a variety of third party modules available, you are free to develop or contract the development of customized modules and features to fit your needs.


These are just some of the modules currently available:

• e-Commerce
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  • 中查看更多“maxdev CMS 国外PHP开源CMS”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“maxdev CMS 国外PHP开源CMS”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“maxdev CMS 国外PHP开源CMS”相关内容

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