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Dec 3
程序名称:Package Exception Error
开发者/组织名称:Johan Barbier
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This package can be used to turn PHP run-time errors into catchable exceptions.

It sets the PHP error handler function to point to a class function that will throw exceptions when an error occurs.

The class throws exceptions of different classes according to the type of PHP error that occurred.

All exception classes are derived from a common base class that can return the details about the script and the line of the code on which the error occurred.
Nov 21
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This class can be used to split in multiple pages listings of data retrieved from a database using ADODB.

It takes a result set object of an already executed query with ADODB PageExecute function.

The class retrieves the total number of pages and total number of rows from the result set object.

It generates a list of links to the first page, last page and any intermediate pages of the list of query results.

The base URL of the links and the link colors are configurable parameters.

The code and comments are in Portuguese. In Portuguese:

Esta classe gera os links de paginação com apenas uma conexão à base de dados.


Para que a classe funcione é obrigatório o uso do pacote ADODB, pois é utilizado o método PageExecute desse pacote.

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